Contactless VersaCooler II with Contactless VersaFiller, Non-Refrigerated

PGEBFT 506736 506738 506740
Price: $2,207.50


  • PGEBFT is a non-refrigerated fountain


  • 506736, Greystone Finish
  • 506738, Sandstone Finish
  • 506740, Stainless Steel Finish (at additional cost)

Options (at additional cost)

  • One piece chrome plated brass bubbler (036700-001)
  • VersaFilter

Standard Features

  • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials & construction
  • Flexible one-piece water saver bubbler infused with silver-based antimicrobial additive
  • Stainless steel top and heavy duty galvanized steel frame
  • Contactless activation on both fountain and VersaFiller bottle filler
  • External stream height adjustment on lower unit
  • Built-in filter monitor and bottle counter
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