Bottled Water Coolers

The Oasis line of Bottle Water Coolers all have a modern, sleek and stylish aethetic.Top Load products and botom bottle loading products are avaialable, as wel as our newer Maxxfill line of coolers. Say hydrated, and get back to what you are doing with our quick dispensing bottled water units.


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OASIS and Waterways are combining products and sales efforts to support the goal of providing accessible drinking water solutions across the globe. Order both OASIS and Waterways products at the same time with full access to all products, including customer favorites.

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OASIS has been a leader in innovation dating back to the first ever water cooler and the first Hot ‘N’ Cold™ Bottle Cooler, including our current range of products.


Bottled water can be delivered directly to the home or office, distributing fresh drinking water access with OASIS water coolers.


OASIS water coolers have a heavy-duty polyethylene cabinet that is strong, dent, and rust resistant; ideal for warehouse/commercial locations.


Choose from various styles to fit your environment to provide an innovative and simple way to access hot, cold, or ambient drinking water

Discover OASIS Bottled Water Coolers

Contact distributors near you to learn more about bottled water solutions and products from OASIS. Or connect with OASIS directly and let us put you in touch with someone that best matches your needs.