Cooler to Bottle Filler Conversion Kit (OASIS PG*AC and P*AC Series )

NNEBFPG 506825
Price: $1,222.00

Easily upgrade your water cooler to a contactless chilled bottle filler.

CONVERTS: OASIS PG*AC and P*AC Series Models

The importance of hygiene has increased significantly in our world. Don’t let drinking fountains go unused because of these concerns. OASIS is rising to the challenge by providing products to keep people hydrated while promoting safe and hygienic spaces. Upgrade drinking fountains to contactless bottle fillers to provide your customers, employees or students the access to chilled water that they need in order to stay happy and healthy.


  • Convert a water cooler to bottle filler in just minutes
  • Intuitive, hands-free operation
  • Eliminates high-use contact points that can harbor dangerous pathogens
  • Bottle filler replaces bubbler, existing top and button activation
  • Bottle filler retro-fits to the existing water cooler without removing it from the wall
  • Re-uses existing refrigeration, plumbing and power source
  • Provides plenty of space within the bottle filler cabinet for your filtration needs including all OASIS filters
  • Access through the side of the bottle filler cabinet for clean and easy replacement of filters
  • Retains ADA compliance
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