VersaFilter III

VersaFilter III 041253-001

The OASIS VersaFilter III is the next evolution in the VersaFilter System. The VersaFilter III’s small footprint and high capacity make it ideal for water cooler applications.


  • 041253-001 is a Versafilter lll kit
  • 041145-001 is a replacement VersaFilter lll cartridge 

VersaFilter III combines carbon and other unique media to provide high-quality great-tasting water.

  • Provides a flexible water treatment solution, which effectively reduces chlorine, taste, odor, cysts, and lead
  • Improves the taste and appearance of drinking water
  • Offers the highest performance in the most user-friendly package available
  • Innovative filter design provides quick and easy installation
  • Tested and certified by NSF International to comply with NSF42 and 53 standards
  • The VersaFilter is factory installed on many Oasis water coolers. It is also available as a replacement system

Standard Features

  • Reduces the occurrence of lead, cyst, chlorine, and odor
  • Improves the taste and appearance of drinking water
  • Provides water that is virtually free of sediment, dirt, and rust
  • High-dirt holding capacity reduces the number of filter changes per year
  • Inhibits the build-up of scale and corrosion
  • Automatic shut-off valve inside the head engages as the filter is inserted or removed
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 53 and 42 to 4,750 gallons
  • Assembled in the USA
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