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Thermoelectric Cooling is one GREEN Alternative to HFC refrigerant

What is thermoelectric cooling?

Thermoelectric cooling uses a solid state device that acts as a heat pump to move heat from one side of the device to the other.

The device is commonly referred to as a thermo electric cooler (TEC) and is made up of numerous pairs of semiconductors enclosed by ceramic wafers on the top and bottom.

Rather than using a refrigerant gas and a compressor, TECs use only DC power and have no moving parts or complex assemblies.

TECs are very small, light weight and rugged compared to a traditional compressor refrigeration system.

TECs come in a variety of sizes. Shown here is a size that would be suitable for using in a water cooler.
The top layer of ceramic has been removed so that the semi-conductor “cubes” can be seen.
When the DC power is supplied, the Cold side absorbs heat and moves it to the Hot side.The hot Side is cooled by a heat sink and fan.

Surprising Uses for TECs


What is in a thermo-electric water cooler?


Benefits of Thermoelectric Cooling

  • ZERO Ozone Depletion & ZERO Global Warming impact
  • Commercial capacity chilling without a compressor
  • Simplified Assembly and Service—No certifications needed
  • Rugged—no refrigerant leaks
  • No gas/flammable gas – No and specialized equipment
  • 25% lighter than compressor systems—reduces transport costs and damage claims
  • Easy disposal, no EPA Standards
  • Unlimited design flexibility
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