Wall-mounted Refrigerated Bottle Filler

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Abandon the bubbler for better aesthetics, chilled water on-demand.

More schools, hospitals and offices are abandoning the bubbler in this post-COVID world. 
Beyond any retrofit kit on the market, the OASIS PGN8EBF is a better bottle filler for multiple reasons.
For starters, many facilities have older drinking fountains that won’t work with existing retrofit kits. The PGN8EBF is a great way to upgrade your entire facility aesthetics, while providing safe, touch-free water dispensing at the same time.
Plus, it can be done easily and quickly using the same rough-in opening, piping and electrical systems already in place. 



  • Abandon the bubbler for safe, touch-free operation
  • Delivers gallons of chilled water on demand, filling a standard sports bottle 6X faster than the bubbler
  • Single product can replace multiple makes and models
  • Stainless steel cabinet gives your facilities a clean, consistent look
  • Matches existing wall rough-in so there’s no demo work; easy to install
  • Uses same piping and electrical systems, saving time and money
  • Side access to bottle filler makes filter changes quick, clean and easy
  • No tray to collect debris or garbage
  • Industry leading 5-year warranty for added peace of mind
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Features Cooler, Electronic Bottle Filler, Touch Free, W/Chiller, Wall Mounted