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  • Mechanically Activated Bottle Fillers Work Without Electricity

    January 5, 2018

    Electricity and water usually don’t go together, but what if you need electricity to get a drink from the nearest water cooler? That’s the situation many people find themselves in when the power goes out and the only water source is electric coolers and bottle fillers. Luckily, Oasis® offers numerous bottle fillers with mechanical activation to assure users can fill their bottles to maintain hydration, even in a blackout. In fact, Oasis has every bottle filler configuration available with mechanical or electronic activation.

    If you think a power outage is nothing to plan for, consider that the electrical grid loses power 285% more often now than in 1984, when data collection first began. Regardless of whether it’s aging electrical infrastructure, growing population, or natural disasters—each poses a special threat, and, depending on duration, clean drinking water becomes a matter of health at best and survival at worst.
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  • New Oasis® Aquarius Line: Not Your Father’s Water Cooler

    October 23, 2017

    Three sleek, modern coolers easily accommodate refillable water bottles

    October 23, 2017—Oasis®, the leader in innovative clean drinking water systems, responds to the demands of contemporary lifestyles with new Aquarius coolers. Available in three unique designs—point-of-use countertop and bottle-filled top load or bottom load—Aquarius serves a variety of needs and applications. There’s a configuration to fit offices, warehouses, manufacturing floors, conference suites, and retail establishments, as well as homes, dormitories, and anywhere fresh, pure water is in immediate demand.

    Each Aquarius unit boasts an extra-high 11-inch dispense height to easily accommodate today’s refillable water bottles. A far cry from the water dispensers of old, the sleek, modern polymer cabinet complements contemporary public spaces with smart electronic controls and a small footprint. It is durable, won’t rust, and won’t scratch floors or countertops. Tri-temp water dispensing is standard on every Aquarius unit, offering ultimate convenience with cold, hot, and room-temperature water available immediately with just one touch.
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  • Oasis Bottle Filler Updates Water Fountains

    September 21, 2017

    The VersaFiller® Bottle Filler Retrofit from Oasis® International turns an existing water cooler into a versatile bottle-filling station. An exclusive adaptor gasket allows it to be installed on today’s most common water coolers.
    More than 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away every day, and each will take 700 years to decompose. Because of this, more people are carrying their own repeat-use water bottles and want to be able to refill them on the go. They do it to be more responsible about the environment and to save on the cost of buying single-serve water.

    Without the need for a major capital expenditure, any facility—healthcare centers, schools and universities, corporate campuses, multi-unit housing, hotels and resorts—can retrofit existing water coolers and upgrade them to include modern bottle-filling stations.
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