Maxxfill Pulse

P1CMPVHSK 506912
Price: $25.00

Touch-Free. Bottle-Free.

MaxxFill Pulse is aligned with what’s most important to customers today -- the safety of touch-free filling, combined with easy access to unlimited, on-demand water. All MaxxFill products include advanced features to meet the changing hydration needs of users.

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Standard Features

  • WavSense Filling - Activate filling with a wave of your hand, limiting the spread of germs and pathogens.
  •  EverStream System - Fill up faster with 29% higher flow rate (2.7 LPM) than standard bottle coolers.*
  •  BottleFlex Alcove - Tallest on the market (13”); fits virtually any size bottle without tipping.
  • Fill your bottle with a wave of your hand with our WavSenseTM Technology
  • Plumb directly to water line in combination with your preferred filtration system for an endless supply of great tasting water
  • LED night light in front alcove
  • Convenient hot, cold, and room temperature water dispensing

 *Measured at 70psi water pressure.

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