Oasis® Products Now Accessible On Bsd Speclink

OASIS® Products Now Accessible on BSD SpecLink

OASIS® International, the global leader in the design,
manufacture, and distribution of clean drinking water systems, has announced
its products are now listed on BSD SpecLink, the leading office master software
for the AECO (architectural, engineering, construction, and facility
operations) industry. Project specifiers use the software to select materials
and products that meet required specifications for their building projects.

Water coolers, fountains, and bottle fillers, among other
drinking water systems, are essential elements in any new building project.
Because of OASIS’ commitment to providing pure, clean drinking water and its
commitment to the sustainable use of water, their systems not only will suit
builders’ and specifiers’ needs but also provide the highest quality
manufacturing and customer service. BSD SpecLink will now make it easier for
specifiers to find the appropriate OASIS systems for their projects.

BSD SpecLink, a product of Building Systems Design, strives
to simplify the specification process and dramatically improve productivity by
delivering the industry’s best content on its unrivaled database, using the
most advanced software on the market. A study shows that an overwhelming
majority of project specifiers—78%—are using a master guide tool to select
materials for their building projects. Of these, more than half are using BSD

“Having OASIS products on BSD SpecLink allows us to reach
building and design professionals in a convenient and relevant way,” said Jeff
Chiarugi, CEO. “They can easily locate the OASIS product that suits the
specifications they are looking for and find additional details and ordering

Some of OASIS’s most popular products are listed on BSD
SpecLink, including Versacooler II (PG8AC – Sandstone, PG8AC – Stainless); the
Bi-Level Modular Radii Fountain (M8CR); the Bi-Level Modular Radii Fountain with
Electronic Bottle Filler (M8CREBF); the Bi-Level Versacooler II (PG8ACSL –
Sandstone, PG8ACSL – Stainless); the Versacooler II with Electronic Bottle
Filler (PG8EBF – Sandstone, PG8EBF – Stainless); the Bi-Level Versacooler II
with Electronic Bottle Filler (PG8EBFSL – Sandstone, PG8EBFSL – Stainless); the
Electronic Bottle Filler Retro Fit Kit (PWEBF); and the Sports Bottle Filler
Retro Fit Kit (PWSBF).