Oasis® Introduces New K-12 Bottle Filler

OASIS® Introduces New K-12 Bottle Filler

Hydration equipment in K-12 environments must stand up to a
lot. Drinking water dispensers need to be rugged, because sometimes students
don’t know their own strength (and some, as we know, like to cause mischief);
they need to resist the spread of germs from being touched so frequently; and
they need superior filtration to protect growing bodies from contaminants found
in water, including lead. Finally, they need to be cost-effective and efficient
to operate in order to protect the district’s bottom line.

OASIS® International introduces the K-12 Bottle Filler to
address all these concerns and more. Any school can easily and quickly put this
specially designed unit to work in their hallways, because it is a virtual
plug-and-play retrofit to existing ADA-compliant OASIS drinking fountains
dating back to 1995—and is itself ADA-compliant when used with OASIS models
PG8AC or P8AM drinking fountains.

The single-piece polymer cabinet won’t rust or dent, and its
polymer construction is less expensive than metal. The large 13-inch alcove on
the bottle filler fits most tall sports bottles. The K-12 Bottle Filler’s
mechanical activation uses no electricity for dispensing, so it costs less to
operate and still works even during power outages. The large antimicrobial
copper activation button is easy to push and helps reduce the potential
transfer of pathogens.

Each unit comes with the new high-performance VersaFilter
II, a certified 3,000-gallon lead reduction filter that treats water to both
the bottle filler and the fountain. It provides a flexible water treatment
solution that effectively reduces lead, cysts, and other contaminants in water
while also filtering out chlorine taste and odor. It is tested and certified to
NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and NSF/ANSI Standard 42.

High-capacity VersaFilter II reduces the number of filter
changeouts required in a year and allows them to be completed in minutes when
it’s time, thanks to several new features found on the K-12 Bottle Filler.
First, the filter is housed within the bottle filler on top of the drinking
fountain. The bottle filler tips forward for easier access to the filter, with
no need to disconnect any water lines or fittings or remove the front apron
from the unit. Next, the included tether keeps the K-12 Bottle Filler stable
during filter changeout, eliminating any need to set it aside or on the ground.
Plus, automatic shut-off inside the filter head eliminates the need to shut off
the water supply.

All of these features add up to a bottle filler that
protects students, is easy to install and maintain, and has a lower cost of