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  • Antimicrobial Copper MD-Cu29

    Antimicrobial copper surfaces can prevent frequently touch point surfaces from becoming bacteria farms that start the growth and spread of pathogenic microbes. These microbes can often survive on surfaces for long periods of time (sometimes more than 30 days). MD-Cu29 is an EPA registered anti-microbial copper that fights off microorganisms including MRSA and e coli. Oasis uses MD-Cu29 on key touch point areas to help prevent the spread of diseases.

    The copper continuously works to control the growth of bacteria on the copper surfaces. Scientists suggest that copper surfaces affect bacteria in two steps: the first step is a direct interaction between the surface and the bacterial outer membrane, causing the membrane to break. The second is related to the holes in the outer membrane, through which the cell loses important nutrients and water, causing a general weakening of the cell.
    The surfaces of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, are antimicrobial. They have built in ability to kill a wide range of harmful microbes quickly – sometimes within two hours or less – and with a great deal of efficiency. These antimicrobial properties have been demonstrated by an extensive body of research. One benefit of copper surfaces is that they do not need to cleaned on a regular basis.

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    Oasis has a selection of Antimicrobial Copper fountains in the Versacooler II collection available that can be installed with copper touch points and tops. Visit our Antimicrobial Copper section here:


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