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  • OASIS® Products Now Accessible on BSD SpecLink

    OASIS® International, the global leader in the design,
    manufacture, and distribution of clean drinking water systems, has announced
    its products are now listed on BSD SpecLink, the leading office master software
    for the AECO (architectural, engineering, construction, and facility
    operations) industry. Project specifiers use the software to select materials
    and products that meet required specifications for their building projects.

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  • OASIS® Introduces New K-12 Bottle Filler

    Hydration equipment in K-12 environments must stand up to a
    lot. Drinking water dispensers need to be rugged, because sometimes students
    don’t know their own strength (and some, as we know, like to cause mischief);
    they need to resist the spread of germs from being touched so frequently; and
    they need superior filtration to protect growing bodies from contaminants found
    in water, including lead. Finally, they need to be cost-effective and efficient
    to operate in order to protect the district’s bottom line.

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  • New OASIS® QUASAR™ UV-C LED Bottle Fillers

    Research and development professionals in the drinking fountain industry have long known that ultraviolet light is highly effective at inactivating harmful bacteria and other pathogens found in water. The challenge has been harnessing the UV light so that it is mercury-free, draws minimal energy, and becomes a cost-effective new feature that will appeal to end users. To meet this challenge, OASIS® International is introducing its new QUASAR™ bottle fillers.

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