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  • New OASIS® QUASAR™ UV-C LED Bottle Fillers

    Research and development professionals in the drinking fountain industry have long known that ultraviolet light is highly effective at inactivating harmful bacteria and other pathogens found in water. The challenge has been harnessing the UV light so that it is mercury-free, draws minimal energy, and becomes a cost-effective new feature that will appeal to end users. To meet this challenge, OASIS® International is introducing its new QUASAR™ bottle fillers.

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  • Save Money with OASIS® Vandal-Resistant Coolers and Fountains

    Cheaper units aren’t so cheap come repair time.

    Sometimes, saving money on a water cooler and fountain installation isn’t really a savings at all. Schools can learn this the hard way when they accept a bid that’s a few pennies lower per unit—then end up paying big money for repairs when things start to break.

    OASIS® International manufactures a wide range of vandal-resistant coolers and bottle fillers designed with rough use in mind. They have the added strength needed to stand up to abuse from students or other members of the public. Continue reading

  • Mechanically Activated Bottle Fillers Work Without Electricity

    Electricity and water usually don’t go together, but what if you need electricity to get a drink from the nearest water cooler? That’s the situation many people find themselves in when the power goes out and the only water source is electric coolers and bottle fillers. Luckily, Oasis® offers numerous bottle fillers with mechanical activation to assure users can fill their bottles to maintain hydration, even in a blackout. In fact, Oasis has every bottle filler configuration available with mechanical or electronic activation.

    If you think a power outage is nothing to plan for, consider that the electrical grid loses power 285% more often now than in 1984, when data collection first began. Regardless of whether it’s aging electrical infrastructure, growing population, or natural disasters—each poses a special threat, and, depending on duration, clean drinking water becomes a matter of health at best and survival at worst.
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